Property Acquisition

At Axelrod Development Group, our goal is to enhance every neighborhood in which we develop, with an attractive building with the highest quality services for its residents.  We are particular in our building criteria, and are actively seeking new projects.

Our target acquisitions would include buildings and properties:

  • Minimum 20,000 buildable sq. ft.
  • Located near subway lines
  • Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn

If you are an owner interested in selling your property or other joint venture opportunity, please contact our executive team to discuss the opportunity.

“We target properties in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn
with at least 20,000 buildable sq. ft. with nearby subway access.”

Manhattan Properties

We are actively evaluating opportunities in Manhattan.  Our goal is to develop buildings ranging from 20,000 – 200,000 buildable sq. ft.  These may be pure residential or mixed residential and commercial.  Properties must be located within a short walking distance of subway lines.

Queens Properties

Axelrod is completing development of properties in Queens and is looking for additional properties. We are actively engaged in Long Island City and will consider growing communities.  Projects in this market can vary from 20,000 to 100,000 buildable sq. ft. or larger.  Locations near subway lines are preferred.

Brooklyn Properties

Our team has recently completed projects in Brooklyn and we are actively seeking new opportunities.  Properties near the subway lines are sought, with 20,000 to 200,000 buildable sq. ft.  As with our other properties, we consider both pure residential as well as mixed use (residential and commercial) properties.

Contact Us

Please contact Craig Axelrod or Christopher Ulrich in connection with any acquisition opportunities.  Please complete the form to the right or call (516) 314-1699.